The old Taiwanese tea industry has inherited the foundation of three generations of tea making, adhering to the concept of sustainable management, and spared no effort to provide consumers with refined and professional research, promotion and education of Taiwanese tea. It also analyzes and formulates the internal elements of tea based on the strength of production, government, and academia, in order to define the impact of drinking tea on human health. At present, the company mainly sells overseas, supplemented by domestic sales.
Sun Moon Lake Black Tea¥380
Dongding Oolong Tea ¥380
Fukuju Nashiyama¥480
Oriental Beauty Tea¥1600
The main products of the company are high mountain teas such as Alishan tea, Dayu Ling, Lishan, Dongding Oolong tea, and Sun Moon Lake black tea and Oriental Beauty tea series. The old tea section includes Muzha Tieguanyin from the early 40s to 90s, old black tea from the 50s to 80s, oolong tea from the 60s to 90s, dozens of Tibetan teas...
The experience of being a tea person
Is what you do For your own good For the pleasure of tea Boundlessness
If the Taoism is unfathomable Art theory is the result of a high degree of civilization
Just say that tea lies in newness and freshness And to explore it and the second
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